MeteoHelix® IoT Home

Personal weather station for your home with a revolutionary helical design is identical to the MeteoHelix IoT Pro and offers the same professional accuracy and long-term precision you can count on.

Advantages of MeteoHelix’s helical shape:

  • has unique looks and compactness and performance

  • offers professional measurement and sensor protection

  • based on the design of MeteoShield Standard

  • comes with a strong stainless steel mount

(MeteoHelix IoT Pro comes with calibration certificates, while the Home version does not.) 

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Gain back trust in your weather data with MeteoHelix® personal weather station. 

allMeteo® weather portal includes the ability to add tags and events to your data.

allMeteo® weather portal

Instant & easy access to your local weather history. local weather portal features:

  • data privacy and data sharing settings

  • tag your weather station

  • share and exchange data with friends and neighbors

  • view live data as they arrive from your home weather station

  • tag and label weather events in your data

  • feed in data from Sigfox and LoRaWAN IoT weather stations

Share your data with Weather UnderGround and more.

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