The story of BARANI DESIGN Technologies

At BARANI DESIGN Technologies we manufacture innovative weather stations and meteorological sensors primarily for professional use where robustness and quality of measurement are essential. Signature products include the patented design of the helical radiation shield and elliptic anemometer.

We strive to make precise professional measurements affordable. 

Apart from our professional AWOS and ezMETAR weather stations, anemometers and sensors, the MeteoHelix® IoT Pro is becoming our flagship professional micro-weather station based on the patented helical design of the MeteoShield® Professional which enables these micro-weather stations to meet WMO and NWS precision in climatic measurement. The release of the MeteoHelix® IoT Home personal weather station in 2020 will follow. MeteoHelix® weather stations are offer professional precision easy to use for everyone.

BARANI DESIGN was founded in 2003 in Seattle, USA as an engineering consulting business. Over the course of five years notable projects included the design of successful Patinato DB4 and F1000 DBX formula race cars along with numerous aerospace projects. In 2017, BARANI DESIGN Technologies separated from BARANI DESIGN to focus exclusively on technology.

  • Engineering & Design services continues this tradition, serving the engineering needs of some of the world's largest corporations.

  • Meteorological sensors division naturally grew out of the Engineering division with the vision and passion for innovation.

  • People Services division, now a separate entity, offers trained technical personnel mainly for the construction industry in Germany, Austria and Holland and can be found at and

ISO:9001 quality

Differentiate yourself from the competition and reach your gold standard of measurement with BARANI DESIGN sensors.

Patents, Design Patents, Registered Designs

BARANI DESIGN has been involved in the development of environmental and weather sensor sensor technology for over a decade and our products are protected by the following international design patents, registered designs and trademarks which are an integral part of our precision sensor brand:

  • RCD002153882-0001, RCD 002153882-0002, RCD 002153882-0003,

  • EUIPO 002979179-0001, EUIPO 002979179-0002, EUIPO 002979179-0003, EUIPO 002979179-0004, EUIPO 002979179-0005, EUIPO 002979179-0006

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  • WO70000000D090822-0001, WO70000000D090822-0002, WO70000000D090822-0003, WO70000000D090822-0004


Our registered trademarks include the following names and phrases and are registered around the world:

BARANI HeliCAL shield waves logo


  • MeteoShield

  • MeteoWind

  • MeteoHelix

  • allMETEO

  • Helical Meteo Shield waves logo


Company History Timeline

  • Certification for Aviation use

    Sensors and auto-METAR weather station logger receive certification for use in civil aviation ground meteorological stations.

  • BARANI DESIGN Technologies is born

    With a temporary name, ELEKTRO-METEO s.r.o., the stand alone Engineering and meteo division begins operation as a fully independent entity.

  • Return to red

    Return to our founding red colors and branding begins and the World Meteorological Expo in Amsterdam. Three stripe helix logo takes center stage. Inspired by the shape of the MeteoShield and the ancient symbol for the element air.

  • Launch of MeteoShield Professional

    Fresh with new leadership, MeteoShield Professional, MeteoWind 2 and MeteoTemp RH+T are launched with the creation of a new USA web store

  • People services and Engineering separate

    Mr. Barani takes back leadership of the engineering and meteo division and a decision is made for Barani Design engineering and meteo to separate from the people services division.

  • Rebranding to BARANI

    New leadership of the engineering and meteo division atempts rebranding from BARANI DESIGN to just BARANI. With mixed results, in 2017 this decision will be reversed.

  • Rebulding begins

    Within a few months, the meteo division will be back on its feet. The fire, taken as an oportunity, alowed us to redesign our complete sensor portfolio. Taking the best from the past, three baseline products were in the proccess of being given birth. MeteoShield, MeteoWind and MeteoTemp.

  • Helix is christened by fire

    Immediately after the helical MeteoShield idea is born, a fire sweeps through the Barani Design Meteorological Division. Everything is destroyed. Only some prototypes survive. Rebuilding begins.

  • Idea of the helical MeteoShield is born

    After two years of research, Mr. Barani gains inspiration on an Easter Sunday while doing his business on a toilet (we are human after all). The spiraling water under his seat flips a switch, which leads to a revolution in air temperature measurement. The helical MeteoShield is born.

  • Elliptic Anemometer II, the 1st Micro-Weather Station

    The 1st all-in-one micro-weather station featuring wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, dew point and frost point output is lauched.

  • Development of the 1st Micro-Weather Station starts

    Soon after the development of the Elliptic Anemometer we realized the lack an accurate all-in-one mircro-weather station in the professional weather station market. We started the development of the micro-weather station.

  • Birth of the Elliptic Anemometer

    Due to the lack of an affordable accurate wind energy assesment tool, development shifts to wind sensor design. Knowledge gained at Boeing Comercial Airplanes Hight Speed Aerodynamic group inspires the initial Elliptic Anemometer design.

  • Design of a Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine for comercial smart-city applications.

    Design of an commercialy viable smart-city wind turbine begine besed on the Darrieus desing but oriented horizontaly to take advantage of building edge accelerated flows.

  • Design of F1000 DBX racecar begins

    Design of this winged formula racecar inspired by the F1 championship raised nose designs along with numerous aerospace design projects.

  • Patinato DB4 prototype wins FRCCA championship

    The one of a kind Patinato prototype dominated the FRCCA race circuit to win the championship.

  • Design of Patinato DB4 racer

    Finished design of Philadelphia Motorsports Patinato DB4 FF1600 racecar.

  • Inception

    Barani Design was founded in 2003 in Seattle, USA as an engineering consulting business, still under the name INTUITIVEb.