MeteoShield® Professional

MeteoShield Professional radiation shield with green trees background

Solve all of your air temperature & humidity measurement errors.

Double-helix solar radiation shield offers superior temperature accuracy and protection as confirmed by independent testing.

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MeteoShield® Standard

MeteoShield standard radiation shield with clouds

Step up to the Helix. Protection of the helix made affordable. 

Single-helix is a cost-effective solution with superior air temperature measurement and sensor protection derived from the double-helix.

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MeteoShield Professional Dimensions Drawing.png
MeteoShield Standard dimensions drawing


More accurate than the best multi-plate shields & many fan-ventilated shields

So far, in every independent comparison, the helical MeteoShield Professional has shown superior accuracy in comparison to any other solar radiation shield. It is also more accurate than naturally ventilated Stevenson screens.

Keeps your sensors clean for long-term accuracy is improvement

Weather station testing showed the helical shield keeps sensors cleaner than multi-plate shields.Master your climate measurements with most stable & accurate platform for air-temperature.


MeteoShield Pro significantly surpasses accuracy of fan-ventilated screens

Independent testing published at the CIMO-TECO-METEOREX - WMO conference as part of the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2018 confirm the superiority of the MeteoShield Pro for all types of meteorological measurements and in all weather conditions.

MeteoShield Pro’s 95% confidence interval is far superior to any other solar radiation shield or screen including Stevenson and fan-aspirated radiation shields and shelters. The benefit is even more pronounced in rainy conditions.

Stability for climate research. Accuracy is not affected by shield contamination

Helical MeteoShield Professional is the most stable platform to measure air-temperature accurately for climate research and urban climate monitoring.

The black painted MeteoShield showed very stable measurements. In conditions of zero wind (<0.6 m/s avg.), less than 0.35 °C increase in air temperature was seen due to the black paint. Wind speeds above 1 m/s showed no noticeable difference in accuracy.


Dirty sensors causing measurement errors

  • Sensor protection - testing showed cleaner sensors inside MeteoShield after long exposure to dusty and dirty environment than other professional shields. 360° line-of-sight protection and internal spiral vortex flow forces dirt to the outside, away from the central sensor. Learn more >

  • Maintenance free - testing showed virtually no negative effect on measurement accuracy of heavy soiling and dirt on the shield. Learn more >

Temperature extremes causing high readings on sunny windless days

  • Low-wind accuracy - helical design almost eliminates effects of solar heat in low wind conditions and is more accurate than most fan-ventilated shields on sunny winter days.

  • No more hot air bubble - strong helical airflow to the sensor prevents formation of a hot air bubble on hot summer days and 360° sensor protection keeps at bay influences of reflected radiation and heat from nearby snow, sand, water or pavement. Learn more >

Unrealistically high humidity and low temperature after rain

  • Water shedding after rain - ever sloping surfaces of the helix minimize water buildup and maximize water shedding during rain. After rain has stopped, only a slight breeze is necessary to remove most water droplets from the shield. The strong internal vortex flow feeds plenty of air to the central sensor to return humidity & temperature measurement to accuracy within minutes, unlike in traditional multi-plate shields. Learn more >

High-cost of fan-aspirated shield accuracy

  • 3-in-1, accuracy, stability and reliability - with its superior accuracy and temperature stability, the MeteoShield also offers ultimate reliability in all-weather conditions. Competitor shields in its accuracy class are only fan-aspirated with limited reliability due to moving parts and requiring regular maintenance. Learn more >

Request a free MeteoShield for testing

Free testing samples of MeteoShield Profesional are available for a 6 month loan.

If you are satisfied after evaluation you can purchase it, otherwise just return the shield.