Built inside the MeteoShield Professional, it is also well suited to provide high quality measurement in extreme climates with snow cover and with hot desert sun.

MeteoHelix IoT Pro - professional all-in-one micro-weather station for industrial environement

Automatic all-in-one micro-weather station MeteoHelix

  • Solar powered with up to 6 months without sun

  • Simple to install and to setup

  • Wireless data 5 times per hour with no wires & no antenna

  • Measurements to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards

  • Rugged and precise in extreme climates

Helical design catches dirt on the outside and keeps internal sensors clean.

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On the farm or in the city, your data will stand out.

How-helical-radiation-shield-traps-dirt-BARANI DESIGN

Advantage of the helical shape

Spiral flow inside the helical shield offers unsurpassed protection to the internal sensors resulting in unbeatable measurement accuracy:

  • 360° sensor shielding from light, dirt and rain

  • continuous shape prevents hot-air bubble formation

  • continuously sloping shape promotes water shedding

  • helical airflow protects sensors from dirt and water spray

  • fresh helical airflow keeps measurements accurate

  • measurement to WMO standards


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New wireless technologies and new helical design let us make professional measurement simple.

activate once with a magnet, then Just mount on a wall or pipe with u-bolts. data is sent automatically.

No wires, simple setup & installation

Three step installation:

  1. Install the MeteoHelix with one robust universal mount, activate by a magnet and the internal battery and solar panel will keep it running for years.

  2. Scan the QR code to activate your MeteoHelix wireless data transfer

  3. Open your PC or phone and get instant access to your data

Install MeteoHelix anywhere because

  • it is immune to error producing effects of reflected solar radiation from snow and over water

  • it is immune to heat radiating from sun exposed walls, pavement, sand and dark soil